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"Building a bridge for a better tomorrow"

Our Mission

Pontis Community Services is a nonprofit organization which specializes in supporting minority small businesses and individuals by providing them with the necessary resources and assistance to become a success in life. We are dedicated to fostering growth and success within our communities.

Our Vision

Our vision at Pontis Community Services is to provide resources to progress small businesses and individuals with an essential foundation for future success.  

We implement a comprehensive approach to every small business or anyone seeking business or vocational education.  Our approach will provide the mechanisms for achievement and growth in minority communities.

Our Small Business Consultancy Services


"Our company cannot be more satisfied by the results we have achieved as a minority small business.  Pontis Community Services helped our business with getting qualified as an approved  vendor for NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority" as a MBE vendor.  This approval will move us into a brighter future."

Ian Latty - President 

Bronx, New York

"Our small business was always looking for guidance and direction.  Pontis Community Services provided us this direction.  We have received our MBE certificate even though we had been in business for 16 years. This certificate has opened many doors for our small business. I can't express my gratitude."

Francisco De La Cruz- Co-Owner (Creative Director)

Newark, New Jersey

Pontis Community Services

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