Go Global -

Import or Export into the International Market

We at Pontis Community Services  can help small businesses import and export goods which can be profitable for all businesses in a global economy.  We have many friends in different parts of the world such as India region, West Africa region, Central American region, and South America region.  Our network can help you become part of the global economy.

Advantages of Importing and Exporting:

1. Easiest and Simplest: Exporting and Importing is the easiest way to enter into the international market as compared to any other modes of entry. Here, there is no need to set up and manage any business unit abroad, which makes the process easier.

2. Less Investment: Less investment is required in the case of exporting/importing as it is not mandatory for the enterprise to set up a business unit in the country they are dealing with.

3. Less Risky: If there is no investment or very less investment required in exporting/importing in the foreign country, the firm is free from many risks involved in foreign investment.

4. Availability of Resources: As the resources are unevenly scattered around the globe, it is very important for every country to export/import goods around the globe, as no nation can be 100% self-sufficient.

5. Better Control: Exporting/Importing can provide better control over the trade, as there is very less involvement in the foreign country. Everything is controlled by the home country and there is no need to set up a unit in the foreign country.

Please  download and read the following - "Going Global" published by the AASBC.  

Meet One of our South Asia contacts, Rahman the founder of "Rahman's Multifaceted Services"

Business Profile: Rahman's Multifaceted Services

About Me:

- Name: Rahman

- Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

- Background: A proud Bangladeshi with a passion for promoting the beauty and potential of my homeland to the world.

Services Offered:

1. Tour Guide Services:

- Description: As a local tour guide, I am your gateway to exploring the rich culture, history, and natural beauty of Bangladesh.

- Expertise: Providing immersive experiences for international travelers, showcasing hidden gems, and creating memorable journeys.

2. Seafood Export Management:

- Description: Facilitating the export of high-quality seafood products such as crab, shrimps, and prawns to global markets.

- Expertise: Ensuring top-notch quality, compliance, and timely delivery in the seafood industry.

3. Readymade Outfits Sourcing:

- Description: Sourcing and managing the supply of top-notch readymade outfits for international buyers worldwide.

- Expertise: Delivering fashionable and quality clothing options for diverse fashion markets.

4. Green Product Sourcing:

- Description: Sourcing eco-friendly products like handicrafts made of jute, water hyacinth, and bamboo, as well as organic fruits like mango.

- Expertise: Promoting sustainability by connecting global markets with environmentally responsible products.

5. Investment Consultancy:

- Description: Offering consultancy services to foreign investors looking to invest in the thriving business landscape of Bangladesh.

- Expertise: Providing insights, market analysis, and guidance for successful investment ventures.

Why Choose Rahman:

- Diverse Expertise: I bring a unique blend of services, allowing clients to tap into multiple sectors and opportunities within Bangladesh.

- Local Insight: As a Bangladeshi resident, I have an intimate understanding of the local culture, regulations, and business landscape.

- Reliability: My commitment to excellence, professionalism, and integrity ensures clients receive the best possible service.

Contact Information:

- Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

-Email:Maximan89@gmail.com; Mahabubur1216@gmail.com

- Phone: +8801618600127

Let's Collaborate:

Whether you're a traveler seeking to explore Bangladesh's hidden treasures, an international buyer in search of quality products, or an investor looking for promising opportunities, Rahman's Multifaceted Services is your trusted partner in achieving your goals. Contact me today to start our journey together.

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